Akeru Shin

Shotokan Karate club Louth
Instruction By Ali Bourne 3nd dan black belt .

What to expect

Joining a Karate club or Dojo can be very daunting so lets put your mind at rest.

Joining a Karate club or Dojo can be very daunting so lets put your mind at rest. On your first visit to our Dojo you will be welcomed and introduced to the club instructors, after a short chat where we will endeavour to answer any questions that you may have we will ask you to join the line up and the class will commence with a warm up, we will then start with some very basic techniques, usually the class will then be split into groups according to experience where you will be given instruction relevant to your level, do not panic you will not be expected to spar until we feel you are ready.

Benfits of training

Physical development

Karate-do as well as being a martial art is a superb physical fitness program that grows with you, using all muscle groups Karate is a discipline that develops a healthy body.

Strength & Conditioning

Karate-do training will increase your core strength, your flexibility and your stamina, all at a pace that suits you, you will not believe the results that can be achieved in the Dojo.


Karate-do will help with your approach to the correct mindset for achieving personal goals, the discipline required to succeed in Karate will spill over into life outside of the Dojo.


Dedicated training in Karate-Do will give you the ability to react and deal with situations that you may not feel equipped to deal with now, it is far from a quick route to take but with time and a little sweat the self defence benefits will become apparent.


Karate-do is a great confidence builder, the training itself will prove that you can do things that you never dreamed you could do, you will meet many others and learn to interact, practise your skills and communicate, you will form life long friendships and laugh as you punch each other (with control of course).

Mental health

The mental health benefits of Karate-do can never be over stated, coming to the Dojo helps you to focus, forget the trials and tribulations of day to day life, the time spent training is for many the only therapy needed for stress relief and feeling good about yourself.


50 Years of Professional Experience

Ali bourne

Club instructor

Club instructor Ali Bourne started training in Karate at the age of eleven balancing Karate with school and later with a full time job as a farm labourer, it was soon apparent that his passion for Karate was not shared by his employer which resulted in a short spell in the unemployment line, during this time however Ali enjoyed some competition success and continued training until joining the Royal Navy and seeing action in the Falkland Islands. Upon leaving the Royal Navy he again entered the Dojo and resumed training, eventually being persuaded to open his own Dojo in Louth, Akeru Shin was born in 1988 and now at 60 years of age Ali is still at the helm.